Posted by: rajprajapati | 26/01/2013

who is God ? where is God ?

hello brothers and sister of human world,

have you got answer,

god is nothing else, our body is our world and we create our destiny,

we our self are our god

statue of god and photo of god does not listens to any prayer of any human style,

the prayer that we do is just the thought of the memories from our mind.

breath is the only god of our human body, if you breathe, you live and god lives, but if you lose breathing, you are lost and the god is also lost.

just think,……if you loosing breathing, where do you go ?

never god,……….god also is our spiritual thinking.

you just believe in your breathing waves, it is true that god is nothing but the only thing is that you have got to believe it.

you just need to believe this !!!!

till what period you would cheat yourself by looking and worshipping the idols and the photos of imaginary god?

the “karma”  that you do in the whole day creates your future destiny.

whenever you say a lie, at that moment a false destiny is always created for yourself.

“karma” never changes. All the destiny of your “karma” always stays with you.

Every body has a special aura which fixes your future destiny. Aura is one of the X-Ray of your destiny.

If you want to understand the god, then first thing you have got to do is always speak the truth. If you will speak the truth, then you will find all your characteristics of god from the nature itself.

Even after your body loss, your all the belongings that you had achieved by doing wrong practices and were achieved from the nature will stay here only. You will go on but this will create your destiny for the next life cycle.

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Wish you best of luck.

You only think that who is your god and on which path you are walking!!!!


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