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 Sarvoday is Efforts of all – employment to all – investment of al

  • Education of all kind will be imparted free of cost to all the citizens of Gujarat without any discrimination

  • Every citizen to be provided with Citizen Data-card and Citizen Code hence no person will be able to hide his community and identity.  This Citizen Card will register every citizen’s honest income and expenditure. It will give clear picture of moveable and immovable properties.

Government of Gujarat’s Budget for next five year is estimated

at ` 6,00,000 crores and total number of voters in the State is 3,78,15,306 hence value of your one vote would be ` 1,58,000.

Shall we cast our vote to the assassins of Democrary? NO……

 Will not vote again…

 Will form honest Government by casting our vote to our own non-political candidate



  • Various problems have been raised due to black marketeering of lands and properties as a result of increased urbanization hence rural areas to be developed with modern amenities at par with international standards.

  • All the Government Resolutions and Circulars to be made available regularly at all the Gram Panchayats and Ward offices.

  • Extended office hours proportionate to the higher pay scales and all public servants will be made to work for sufficient period according to his wages

  • All temporary employees of the past and present will be regularized according to their qualifications and will be paid full wages.

  • Any government employee of any cadre who remain negligent in discharging of his duties to be suspended on the spot and local unemployed youth to be appointed vice his post under Spot Appointment System.

  • Any officer or citizen misusing or defalcating public fund will be sent behind the bars and his property will be confiscated

  • Every elected citizen shall be responsible for only one position at a time.

  • In every organization in the State including Government and cooperative institutions, the management will be made following principle of One Person One Position.

  • Appointment of adequate establishment in all the Government officers with full wages considering the requirement in proportionate to the population.

          Uniform will be made mandatory for all Government employees and a distinct identity card for Public Servant to all employees and government accommodations to be constructed for them.

  • “Vigilance Flying Squad” to be constituted for on the spot dismissal of lethargic, kaam-chor and employees committing irregularities, following the Service Rules and cases to be decided on the spot.

  • Functions for inaugurations and other political programs to be discontinued.  No public representative elected by the public will inaugurate and/or launch public utility amenities constructed through money collected through taxes. No messages of greetings and wishing will be addressed by making citizens fool.  Public Representative will discharge his duties with utmost sincerity.

  • Special Department to be created for recruitment in Government and semi-government services wherein Special Recruitment Board will be there which follows Civil Service Rules.

  • Special arrangements to be devised for Pension and  P.F. for daily wagers and private employees.


  • All the present State taxes to be reduced by 10 to 25 per cent on the essential commodities.

  • 40% to 50% reduction in VAT on fuel including petrol, diesel.

  • 50% reduction in State taxes on domestic appliances.

  • State taxes will be 10 to 40% less compared to Central Government taxes.


  • Journalists to be awarded monthly honorarium from ` 20,000 to ` 50,000 for their efforts towards sustenance of impartial accountability towards democracy.

  • Daily and weekly periodicals shouldering the responsibility following the code of conduct and functioning in the public interest, will be reimbursed with 50% of the cost of paper and printing for a specific period, subject to the rules so framed by the Committee.

  • Out of total budget of the State, 5% to be spared for the fourth pillar of the democracy and thereby, journalists to be involved in administration and social responsibilities.

  • Journalists/Reporters to be allotted 3 bed room flat at Taluka and District headquarters as per rules to be framed in this regard. Facility of Board room to be created at every town for the Public Servants (Reporters) of the fourth pillar of democracy and a separate Press Conference Room to be constructed.

  • Press House for reporters at every district headquarter and every small towns where offices will be allotted on token rent. Offices of the reporters to be equipped with Computers and Broad-band connections by the State Government.


  • Hostel facilities for widow, deserted and destitute women to be created and setting up cottage industries at every Taluka level and village level for their employment and livelihood.

  • Establishment of Small scale industries and training centers in Public Private Partnership pattern for training and employment to the women at Taluka and village level.

  • Export centers to be set up at every Taluka and the goods and articles manufactured will be exported in international market and thereby arrangements will be made to earn foreign currency right at their doorstep.


  • All the small and medium rivers of villages to be linked with large rivers like Narmada, Tapi etc.

  • Water Filters to be manufactured with public partnership and arrangements will be made to see that pure potable water is supplied at every village and houses at the cost price.

  • Check dams and water tanks to be connected with Canals through pipelines and arrangements will be made for irrigation water all throughout the year.

  • Permanent water management solution by constructing dams of various sizes and Bandhars on small rivers through public private partnership more particularly with religious and social service organizations.

  • Establishment of ward-wise filter plants for potable water in every village and towns.


  • Implementation of horticulture and floriculture schemes to be clubbed with main stream farming for proper and reasonable yield of crops at every farm level.

  • Permanent arrangements at every village for distribution of seeds, natural and chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

  • Every farm to be provided with FREE electric power connection by the Government and power consumption in agriculture sector to be exempted from the tax. What will be there to eat if farmers don’t grow crop ?

  • Export of cotton will be restricted and textile mills with public private partnership to be established in the State for textile production.


  • Government Veterinary hostels and Gau-shals to be established at every village.

  • Provision for one Veterinary Doctor for every five village and five veterinary vans for every Taluka.

  • Development of Gauchar and waste lands for agriculture and animal husbandry by constituting a Public Trust consisted of local inhabitants.


  • Village panchayats to be involved in administration of the State.

  • District Panchayats to be linked directly with Legislative Committees and by constituting District Development committees, State Development Committee to be constituted along with Legislative Committees which will supervise development of the District and implementation of schemes.

  • Every village Panchayat will be provided with broad band internet connection and Civic Center at the cost of Government.

  • All the urban roads to be constructed will be well-built and tough without any corruption. Bridges to be constructed over small and medium, large rivers.


  • For eradication of dishonesty and corruption amongst public servants in the State, “Administration Vigilance Council” will be constituted.  This council will conduct inquiry against the corrupt employees within 7 days and shall dismiss them from the service and shall made recruitment of new public servant immediately

  • Immediate action against corrupt public servants to eradicate corrupt practices prevalent in Government offices.

  • Public fund money will be recovered from the corrupt employees and the culprit employees to be booked for imprisonment.


  • “Gujarat State Bank” to be set up with 40,000 branches across the Gujarat State with direct share contribution of citizens and all the Government and public monetary dealing will be through this Gujarat State Bank only.

  • Special “Citizen Card” scheme to be implemented so as to enable every citizen to transact his/her every financial transaction honestly  and to eradicate menace of black money.

  • Copies of Budget of the State to the made available with all the Village, Taluka and District Panchayats.

  • Public Accounts Committees will be formed for every Village Panchayat, Taluka Panchayat, District Panchayat, Municipalities and Corporations and particulars of receipts and expenditure and budget of respective institution to be supplied to every residence in their respective area of functioning.

  • Financial allotment through Village panchayats only for implementation of Village level schemes.


  • The largest ever prison of the country to be constructed in the State and presence of prisoners to be recorded by the courts through online system.  No prisoner will be allowed to be taken outside the prison.

  • Separate prisons to be constructed for convicted accused, under trial prisoners and hardcore criminals.

  • New police stations will be made functional following population criteria and permanent establishment to be appointed with full wages and equipped with latest vehicles.

  • Traffic being a perennial problem of the State, new cadres of Traffic and Bandobast will be created.  Action for penalizing the accused on the spot through mobile courts.

  • Number of courts to be doubled than present numbers at every district for expeditious justice.

  • New 50 courts to be created in High Court.

  • New Bench of Supreme Court will be set up.

  • Hardcore and white-collar criminals will be dealt with strictly and society will be made free from criminals.

  • Cyber cell with technical staff will be made functional at every District.

  • Home Guard and Gram Rakshak Dal members who are even otherwise entitled under age criteria, will be absorbed in the Police Department on permanent establishment.


  • New Industrial Policy will be introduced in the State.

  • Gujarat State Financial Corporation will be revived for service to the small scale industries.

  • Small scale industries at every Talauka and a large industrial unit at every District will be set up.

  • New GIDC will be allotted at every District and the land to be allotted at 25% rate for small scale industries.

  • Special arrangements for pension and PF for private employees.


  • Industries manufacturing various products will be set up at every district with public private bond partnership so that everyone can have employment or they can have fixed monthly income through bond. No citizen will remain unemployed and thus the problem of unemployment will be eradicated.

  • Construction companies to be established at every Taluka through bond system and every citizen of respective Taluka will purchase bond of such company and the said company will construct all roads and buildings.


  • Centralised Admission Board will be constituted for admission to every student which will function under transparent system.

  •  Every citizen of the State of Gujarat will be imparted all types of education free of cost without any discrimination.

  • All the text books to the teachers and professors and lecturers to be supplied by the State Government for all kind of education. Duty of the teachers will be to impart education properly. There will be no need for text books for the students.

  • Modern day schools to be set up for Standard 1 to 12 at every village towns, wardwise.  Status of education as industry will be abolished.

  • For comprehensive growth and nutritious food and culture, sufficient arrangements will be made.

  • Technical, engineering, I.T., medical and other colleges to be set up at every district in proportionate to population and adequate number of teachers to be appointed with full wages.

  • The fundamental and true education system will be introduced. For every school, at least one or two English Teachers will be appointed on permanent basis and adequate knowledge of English language to be made available to all students right from primary education level and will be trained following the international trends. Education in Standard 1 to 7 will be in mother tongue.

  • 3 pairs of common uniforms to all the students at cost price will be provided across the State and strict enforcement of discipline.

  • Tuition system to be completely eradicated from the State and the teachers of such coaching classes to be appointed in Government schools according to their qualifications and their skill and knowledge will be made available to school children.

  • Student passes for transportation will be provided to all the students of Standard 1 to 12.

  • Special accreditation smart card will be provided to all the students since beginning mentioning their social status, blood group and date of birth (this will indicate permanent code number of the student which remain unchanged till his final study)

  • Modern mobile schools for labours and poor people for providing education in their own areas and sites.  Every child to be provided education at his/her convenience.

  • Though politicians have started their business of private education, they have not started new Government High Schools and Primary Schools. Therefore, new modern schools and high schools will be opened in every ward of towns according to the population requirement and new buildings will be constructed for the same.

  • There will be one Yoga Teacher and Physical Training Teacher for every school.

  • New Degree Courses in “Administration Science” and “Social Science” to be launched in the State which include education on issues pertaining to administration of Legislative Assembly, Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha, Constitution, Government organizations etc. which will make all the citizens of the State competent to run the Government.


  • Restrictions on all the products harmful for human life.

  • New Ayurved Colleges and hospitals will be set up  in the State.

  • Modern hospitals at all Taluka Level and multipurpose government hospitals providing all modern treatments at District level will be made functional by recruiting doctors who discharge their duties honestly and with morality.

  • Large International Government Hospitals will be opened in all four zones of the State.

  • Qualified doctor will be appointed at all village Primary Health Centers and the Health Centers will be modernized

  • Medical facilities will be provided to all the citizens without spending a rupee on maintenance of their health.

  • Ayurved Books and scripts providing information on ayurvedic products and ayurvedic treatment system will be provided to all the houses in the State by the Government.


  • Special Regulatory mechanism in all villages for electricity supply for agriculture and will be provided adequate power supply.

  • The industry which provides 70% employment to Gujarati people will also be provided adequate regulated power supply.

  • A company promoted through State and Public partnership will manufacture solar panel for energy generation and roads of every village and town will be illuminated through solar lights.

  • Adequate power supply generated through coal and hydrobased to agriculture and industries.

  • For generation of adequate power in the State, new turbines will be augmented even by linking of rivers in the State.

  • For generation of power through windmills, the State Government will establish a company under public private partnership mode for generation of power for domestic use.

v    REVENUE :

  • Review of existing Jantri and stamp duty evaluation through new Jantri.

  • Compensation will be paid in respect of all the reserved and acquired land from the citizens of the State or it will be returned to the original owners or their heirs.

  • New Revenue Courts will be opened in the State which will decide cases of land disputes within 30 days only.  Offices of Revenue Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners will be opened at every district for redressal of grievances in respect of lands.

  • Every land holder will be issued with a Smart Card mentioning particulars of his land holding.


  • Every home will be provided with Constitution of India in their mother tongue.

  • Every home will be provided free of cost books of prevalent criminal and civil laws and libraries consisting of books on law will be made functional in every ward and Panchayat offices so as to make every citizen aware about Acts of his country and administrative laws.

  • Every citizen will be provided with Citizen Data Card and Citizen Code so that no person will be in a position to hide his community and identity. Through this Citizen Card, official income and expenditure of every citizen will be registered and data on its movable and immovable properties will be made clear.

  • The money lost by depositors of cooperative and private banks will be refunded to the depositors.


  • Unauthorised developments will be regularized without any charge so as to enable smooth traffic and parking arrangements. All citizens occupying unauthorized premises will be allowed to regularize their respective premises without charging any fees.

  • In rural areas, roads with bridges will be constructed with the quality which will not need repairs for two to four decades.

  • In urban areas, cement concrete roads will be constructed in the streets and societies with public private partnership.

  • Residential houses will be constructed for economically weaker families on the waste lands in rural and urban areas.

  • Citizens will be identified through Citizen Code Card scheme for eligibility of economically weaker and homeless citizens and those who are shelterless, will be provided residential premises in the surrounding areas.


  • By implementing special scheme for growth of forest and trees in the State, every year 20 crores trees will be grown in rural and urban areas. Vivid programs of tree plantations will be done away with.

  • Strict preventive measures will be taken in the restricted forest areas with the help of Central Government and international agencies.  The tree-cutting activities will be prevented for all time to come with high handed actions.  By bringing required legislations, the forest areas will be protected with more vigor.

  • All the polluting industries will be made to shut down.

  • Vehicles and other machineries emitting pollution will be restricted.


  • State Transport Corporation will be modernized and luxurious bus services will be made available by launching a company through public partnership and all the bus stations will be modernized.

  • New domestic airports will be constructed at every district for internal air travel and through public share company, Gujarat Airways with a fleet of more than 40 air bus will be launched.

  • For urban transportation, a company with public partnership will be launched and mini luxury bus service will be started through this company for city bus service.

  • A company for bus body building will be organized for manufacturing of buses and mini buses which will be a company financed through State and public bond and said company will fabricate durable and comfortable buses and will also sell to other States.


  • Companies will be established through technological agreements with international companies for manufacturing of laptop, computer, mobile and other electronic gadgets which shall be wholly owned by Gujarati people where every citizen will be issued one share and every citizen will be made shareholder of such company compulsorily.

  • Every village and Ward will be allotted one cyber booth which can be used by the citizens free of charge during office hours for the work related to Government to facilitate them to transact government business.

  • The State Government will establish cellular phone service company within next three years through public partnership and will provide free service to the citizens for intra-State communications.


  • Sale and distribution of all kinds of minerals will be by the State Government through public supervision.  Profit earned by the private companies will be abolished and the revenue generated through sale of minerals will be utilized for free education and free health services.

  • Sale of minerals in the State is estimated at Rs.70,000 crores per annum and large chunk of profit is eaten away by private firms and companies.  All these property though is a public property, such income will be utilized by the non-political government consisted of public representatives, on the education, transportation, health, security and justice.

  • A Regulatory Committee of two members will be constituted at every Taluka level for supervision of mineral resources.


  • New vegetable, fruits and grocery markets to be set up at every towns and Taluka head quarters.

  • Market of cereals and other foodgrains and food products will be restricted according to requirements of the State; restrictions will be imposed on export of vegetables, milk and other local needs so as to restrict prices of such products in local market.

  • Food courts will be started at every Taluka and city where mobile laboratory will be placed so as to examine adulterated food products and penalize on the spot and suspend licenses on the sport.


  • Pension scheme will be implemented for all the old aged and senior citizens who do not have family and unable to survive and special “Golden Temples” will be built at every Taluka specially for senior citizens where elders can reside at their will.

  • Special types of educational and training hostels to be built in four zones of the State for physically challenged persons to overcome their dependencies.

  • “Vande Mataram Bhavans” to be built at every districts for accommodation of widow and destitute women.

  • Hotels will be built under the name “Raj Mahel” at every district for the orphans and destitute children of the State and State Government will maintain such hostels with best quality infrastructure and facilities along with its maintenance and education cost.

  • Special facilities to the genuine Sadhu and saints in the State for their dedicate and spiritual activities.

  • “Manav Vatika” premises will be built at every district for housing genuine Sadhu and Saints and facilities for their lodging and boarding.

  • Special accreditation card for free transportation for Sadhu and Fakirs in the State Transport buses to facilitate them to perform their religious journeys state-wide.

  • “Religious Avenue” will be built at every Taluka and District for imparting true and correct knowledge of every religion and sect which will inculcate human and truth virtues in every person.  The Religion of Humanity will be propagated by releasing the religious barriers tagged with caste, creed, community.

This committee formed by prominent citizens of the State is determined to materialize the above stated objectives.  They are also determined to make more than 200 honest programs successful.

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Email :

Every man inhale through nose, hear through ear, eat through mouth, walk with legs, do work with hands and watch through eyes.  These are natural similarities of all human beings and this has continued till time immemorial.  God almighty has shaped everyone of us equally, there is no discrimination created by him.  This whole universe was in existence before our birth and shall remain after we depart from this material world.

Evil elements in the society created the differences of caste, community, regions and nations amongst all of us and we used to grasped by such evil compartments merely for little selfishness of us and those evils became authorative in the matter of our rights and social structures.  Is our human life is meant for wasting on working hard like animals only ?

For our livelihood, we need money for exchange of things to survive.  We need home for protection of life, we need food and water, there are several other needs.  Needs of persons get satisfied in varied degree and varied needs, however, at the last, we have to survive in the society with mutual cooperation and assistance.

Every person in the society is connected to the other one in one or the other way so far as their daily needs are concerned. Farmers grows crop and we get nutrition. Weaver weaves clothes and tailor stitches clothes and thereby, we wear clothes. Barber cuts our hair, blacksmith makes machines and instruments, artisans manufacture goods through their skill for our lifestyle. Cobbler stitches footwear, mason construct buildings, carpenter makes furniture, government employees provide us facilities of government machineries and rights, doctor treats us.  Thus, we are connected with each other all the time and are in contact with each other and that is the reason why we are inhabiting together in this social system.

So, now, let us awake and be active for an honest government by keeping aside our own interest and shall say NO to the political parties and politics.  We will cast our precious vote only to the apolitical  and honest candidate and keep ourselves away from the misdeed of murder of democracy.

We will build a social structure which will be safe and honest for our family and our children.  We will keep ourselves away from the politicians who are mocking with corruption for power.

Let us free our society from the evils of communalism, castism and other evils.  We have to stay together so let us live with love, unity, equality and Sadbhavna.

Those who hold to office of power for 10 to 20 years and got elected for two to three terms have minted worth million rupees which is known to all of us.

The political leaders who have commercialized the education system through television and other means have committed corruption worth crores of rupees paid by us by way of taxes.  So as to project the works done by them through public money, they are spending crores of rupees on publicity campaigns which are our hard earned money.

The corrupt political practices, by cramping religion of humanity and patriotism has forced us to miserable and very difficult condition.

It is mere murder of democracy to cast vote again in favor of person elected once.  We will not commit murder of democracy.

We do offer Prasad before idol-photo of god, we light incest stick and lamps before them, we chant prayers and mantras, but, those idols or photo never see with their eyes, nor they inhale with their nose or gulp with their mouth nor they hear through their ears.  We just express our mental faith and feelings.

We have to face results of our own deeds. Therefore, all of us will cast our vote honestly and in favor of truth.

The mother-land has offered us food, water and air to survive

Let us get relieved of this debt. We will not commit misdeed of murder of democracy. We will cast our vote for the truth and honesty, we will keep away from the politics and political parties, we will determine for our patriotism.

By saying no to the political parties and politics, we will cast our vote only for the truth and honesty.

(For the candidates contesting elections for public cause and in non-politically)

This election manifesto can be used for circulation by any non-political candidate in his constituency with written permission from coordinator of Gujarat Prajastak Samiti (Sadbhavna Manch)

Raj Prajapati


Gujarat Prajasatak Samiti

(Sadbhavna Manch)


  • Direct and indirect taxes being collected on every articles and services.

  • On an average, 45% tax component on price of every article.

  • 45% of daily expenditure, 45% of monthly spending and 45% of total expenses for the year…. Just have a look at this figure.

  • Do we have to just go on paying taxes?

  • Do we have to live as slaves of politicians?

  • Approximately 6 lakh crores will be collected in public exchequer through taxes during five years -2013 to 2017.

  • What is contribution of politics and politicians apart from corruption?

  • The Union Government and the State Government releases advertisements at the cost of crores of rupees in relation to the works undertaken by them, they allot crores of rupees grants, which are all our public money collected through taxes.  The leading politicians enjoying properties worth crores of rupees which are all made out of public money.

Any citizen of the State of Gujarat can publish this booklet at their own cost in the public interest.


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